Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Decorating for Chanukah

"Sure kid- You're 11 next week! You are old enough to light the menorah!"

Famous last words last night from this shiksa's mouth.

She lit her finger on fire.

She's fine - wearing a band-aid. But she's not lighting it for the next 7 nights!


  1. I once discovered nail polish on the fingernails is quite combustible. Great illustration & I love the textures!

  2. Maybe that's what it was! - or she's just her usual klutzy self!;)

  3. I love how your sketches lately are like a autobiographical cartoon strip. :) I wonder if she was so entranced by the flame she lost focus? I like the dreidel background.

  4. Poor kid. And now her mishap is out in blogland for all to see. (Is this pay back for the tennis bracelet thing?) ;)

    I agree with D, I love the autobiographical illustrations! It's fun and oh so similar to life in my house! hee hee! Great shirt patterns too!