Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Sketchbook!

You're home, back from the art store. You take it out of the bag- maybe it's a black hard covered one- or spiral bound or even- oooooh moleskine pocket sized! It's a new sketchbook and when you flip it open- that first page screams of possibilities! What will be your first mark? Are you a planner? Or do you just jump in and scribble?

Well here we are- this blog is just like that! This is our group's celebration and exploration of the sketch. This is like a new virtual sketchbook - blank pages to be filled up by our imaginations. Priscilla, Heather, Diandra, Joy and I are five illustrators who love the first stage of illustrating. The exciting time when you are getting your ideas out, warming up with pencil flying- eraser smearing.

So welcome to this new venture - pencils sharpened, we'll introduce ourselves....