Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorating with Heather

One of my favorite festivities of the holiday is decorating the tree.  I used to go all out making new decorations each year.  We would treat the tree like a blank canvas and create ornaments around a theme.

This year I want to focus more on the spiritual side of the holiday and that includes reigning in my crazy over-the-top decorating.  So my girls and I will make a few new ornaments for this year, to spend some time together.  Our tree has evolved into a collection of handmade and nature themed decorations.  We are going to make some felt birds and wire nests.  My goal this year is to create an imperfectly decorated tree - I'm going to let everyone help and not 'correct' anything.  It's really about the memory, not the photo op!

A few of my favorite decorations:
1. Tiny straw stars from my Grandma
2. Paper ball ornaments that my husband made
3. Crocheted snowflakes
4. Wood acorns
5. Birds ornaments
6. Beaded snowflakes

It just isn't Christmas without the smell of a pine tree in my living room!

I love to sit on the couch after everyone has gone to bed, with a cup of hot chocolate and some quiet music in the background.  Stealing away some time to reflect and enjoy the peace of the season.

Wishing you merry and bright moments all through December!


  1. As the babies get older, I will have to restrain myself from "fixing" whatever contributions they make towards decorating for Christmas, too. lthough I'm looking forward to the day that the tree is covered in handmade art projects by them.

    I love that the tree themes reflect your bead art!
    (We don't have a real pine tree. I'm super allergic to them.)

  2. Your tree is so special! Mine is covered in Disney/Star Wars/Star Trek - except all of the way at the top are my favorite ornaments- the ones my parents bought when they were married in 1966. Te little elves and snowmen and colored thread balls and bells.. that I grew up with on a swinging aluminum tree. I hope they last to pass on to my daughter.

  3. your tree is beautiful! thanks for posting!