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Joy Steuerwald had a pencil in her hand as long as she could grab one. Her art always lent itself to happy, friendly characters, full of color and personality so of course the childrens' market was a natural choice for her. She's worked anywhere from the childrens' "edutainment" industry, animation, product design for giftware, to childrens' book illustrations. Joy lives with her husband, miniature Dachshund and petite tuxedo cat in the Bay Area of CA.

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Priscilla Burris sketches and doodles every chance she gets. Favorite tools are black micron ink pens, pencils, and her trusty stylus.
As an artist, illustrator, writer and designer, she delights in creating words and images that are full of expression and joy. Priscilla sketches in sunny Southern California, unless she's traveling ~ and then she often sketches up in the air, while in flight.

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Heather Powers celebrates handcrafted charm in every aspect of her creative life.  Whether it’s craving a block print for her next illustration, playing with watercolors or whipping up a craft project for a magazine, her hope is to encourage viewers to enjoy their own inspired journey.  Heather is an illustrator, author and designer.  She lives in a 1910 farmhouse on the shores of Lake Michigan with her crafty family.
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Steve Bjorkman was born in the car on the way to Murphy Memorial Hospital in Whittier, CA, and has diligently tried to not miss a deadline ever since. There isn’t a time he hasn't been doodling and experimenting with various forms of art. Steve started with scraps of paper, moved on to church bulletins, then homework, spilling India ink on the wool carpet along the way. His sixth grade teacher told him, “Quit drawing in class, Stevie, that’ll never get you anywhere.” Geographically, she was right, Steve still lives in Southern California. However, he's been fortunate enough to illustrate for greeting cards, consumer products, ads, magazine articles and am closing in on one hundred children’s picture books. 

Happily married to the same patient gal for the last 30+ years and has the gray hair to prove they’ve raised three kids. 

Nina Victor Crittenden loves tea, pancakes, and Dr. Pepper.  She works in ink and watercolor and lives in the land of 10,000 lakes with her husband, kids, pug, cat, guinea pigs, parakeets, and a hedgehog.

Ruth McNally Barshaw writes and illustrates the Ellie McDoodle Diaries and has a few more book projects up her sleeve. She takes a sketch-journal pretty much everywhere (just like her Ellie character) -- the first one was a gift from her art teacher in high school. Ruth lives in the palm of Michigan with her husband, Charlie (also a writer), and the youngest of their four kids. The other kids are grown and on their own but visit often with the grandkids. All in all, Ruth feels incredibly lucky, most of the time.