Sunday, October 27, 2019

Friday, October 25, 2019

A different perspective

These aren't new drawings, but something I remember changing specifically to a different perspective. The sketch on the left was the first version. I felt it was fun at first, but then wanted something more dynamic that wasn't just a side view. Is the sketch on the right better? I think so. What do you think?

I can't believe Halloween is almost here and gone. One of my favorite months and I wish I drew more Halloween themed things! Not to say I can't draw them whenever I want, hehee.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Elephant and Mouse are taking advantage of some free time to dance the cha cha!
Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 18, 2019

cute, but deadly

A quick rework from a few years ago. Just to celebrate the season!


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Friday, October 11, 2019

little polk-a-dot bikini

This is a tiny part of what I'm working on now.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Inktober 2019

Inktober is once again upon us! Be sure to follow the #Inktober2019 hashtags to see what people are drawing this year. Happy inking!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Piggie antics!

This was a sketch from THE PECULIAR PIG before it was acquired by Nancy Paulsen Books. The style of the pigs was a bit more "cartoony" and their antics where definitely more humorous, hehee.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Pencil Fun & Love

Remembering when I had to wear cat eye-shaped frames as a little girl and how I've loved pencils since forever.