Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kelly unpacks her adjectives...

A child of the seventies. She was very Peppermint Patty, that camper-girl. Tom boyish.  Now she's a Mom, with three little not so happy campers of her own. She escapes online and looks up her old pals and unpacks her adjectives once again.

I really wanted to sing this song- and post it up- I know it by heart. That's the thing about Schoolhouse Rock! - the genius. They taught us thru song. They found a way to make it fun and it stuck! 35 years later- I can sing every song. And I still love them.

Watch the video HERE

Got home from camping last spring...


  1. I love that Ranger. He looks so friendly (adj) doesn't he? I also love Camper Girl's classy (adj) Mac! Perfect (adj) illustration! :)

  2. I realize Play-ah is actually a noun... D'Uh-o! I know they're nouns, I know they're nouns - oh..I put a dime in the drug store record machine....

  3. I remember watching this and wondering when the Tootsie Pop owl was going to show up!

    Love your interpretation of the grown up Camper's life. I think we can all relate. :) You did a great job mimicking the style of the video!