Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back To School and back to the Sketchables!

We're back sketching here on The Sketchables!!

We have all enjoyed our summers and our time off. Some of us got to see each other out in Los Angeles at the SCBWI Summer conference. Priscilla, Diandre and I (Kelly) took in a huge amount of inspiration. Joy and Heather have been spending quality family time- Joy with her new baby and Heather - moving to her beloved home state of Michigan.

So- without further ado....

It's Back to School!
When Dante was writing his Inferno... with those nine circles of Hell -
he forgot one - Middle School.
Maybe he didn't forget.
Maybe he just couldn't bring himself to revisit it.

The lock. The locker. The class changing.
The pimples. The puberty.
The crushes. The heart break.
The bad hair.
The growing pains.
The friendship hop scotch.
The Gym classes.
The way your parents become idiots over night. 

(Or at least "weirdos")
The intensity of feeling that we experienced in middle school- just never happens again. EVERYTHING is the most important thing ever.

They'll get thru it. They'll run that 3 year gauntlet- and cross the finish line.
The prize on the other side- a firmer grasp on knowing who you are- and who you can be.
But - Oh boy, I don't envy them at all.


  1. Oh my Gawd, I LOVE this! Combining the photo w/ the notebook scribbles=genius! And boy you have captured those middle school kids' movements perfectly. They're such spazzes. ;) (I see Maggie!) I could SO see this in the pages of a MG novel. My favorite is the girl freaking out about being tardy. :D

  2. Wowsa -- do I love this one! The loose-leaf paper look and the locker photo are brilliant! I think I'm gonna need bourbon when it's my kiddo's turn to go...

  3. I forgot my locker combination. AGAIN!!!! This is superb, Kel! A+

  4. Using these characters on notebook paper in a real setting is pure genius!
    I absolutely love it and someday will steal that from you. LOL

    Bravo, Kelly!

  5. Thanks guys! - middle school starts next wednesday - when I drop Mags off.. it will feel like leaving her alone with a pack of wolves(with braces)