Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"A Shot Heard Round the World" - Michelle Henninger sees the whites of their eyes...

As a former New Hampshirite, (I lived in New Hampshire for almost 10 years, right on the border of Massachusetts) and as a total history nut, New England was the perfect locale for me!!  I had access to all that Revolutionary War history, and you better believe I ate it up!  Whenever we had company in town, we always made a point to visit the Old North Bridge and Concord and Lexington.  AND then when we got home from the day's outing ... we'd pop in the ole SchoolHouse Rock DVD and we'd watch "A Shot Heard Round the World" and as soon as they got to the Old North Bridge part, we'd all say "We were there, we were there!!"  Ahhh, yup.  Those sure were some good times!!

A BIG SKETCHABLES! Thanks to Michelle for Subbing in for Heather today! She rocked the Schoolhouse Rock!

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  1. It's funny how different our history lessons are. In Texas, we get an entire year (7th grade) devoted to our history, and then US history is shoved into another (8th grade). I grew up in San Antonio, so I got to visit the sites of old battles, historic sites and of course the Alamo. Definitely makes the place more interesting knowing the history!

    The composition is great! Close-up, mid-ground and back-ground, all with historical details in each. Nice!