Monday, October 25, 2010

Priscilla ~ Happy Creepies


  1. CUTE! I love that she is missing a tooth!!!

  2. Moms pack the best lunches don't they? She's got all the best snacks! I love how blase she is about the gross sandwich she's about to chow down on.

  3. You make the yucky so inviting!- They are gummy bugs right?

  4. Oh, I love everything about this, especially her awesome hair ties.

  5. Love your comments - and am so thankful for each!!! Thank You!

    yes, these are gummy worms toothpick'd into her sandwich.
    Along with some gummy spiders!

    ready to hear something really gross?
    this is a take from one of my daughters who, in the 5th grade, went fishing with her dad - and upon entering our house afterwards she shouted, 'Hey Mom! Dad said I can keep the fish eyeballs!'

    can you imagine my expression? haha

  6. I guess I should finish the fish eyeballs story.

    My daughter proceeded to put the eyeballs in a large jar filled with water. Covered up the jar - and took it to school for a class project that lasted a MONTH.
    It was a "Guess what's in my container" project.

    Her teacher will NEVER forget the image once my daughter's jar was revealed. Neither will her classmates. How many ways can one spell 'ew' ?

    This IS our Halloween week of sharing, anyway, right? =0)

  7. Love the illustration! So adorable and great inspiration for my daughter's lunch. As far as the fish eyes, ewwwwwwwwwww and cool. :)

  8. Fun post Priscilla! Shes a super cute little character. I love the details of her yummy lunch, so clever :o) Her lunch bag totally reminds me of how my mom used to write and draw on my brown bags. Good times...