Monday, October 4, 2010

Priscilla ~ Classic Favorite

Delighted today to share an image inspired by one of my most favorite classic stories ~ 
those of Laura Ingalls Wilder 
"Stores for her would always mean candy - not the brown or golden stuff of patty pans and sugaring-off time, but exotic flavors like horehound; exotic shapes like canes and ribbons; and all colors of the rainbow in stripes and flowers." ~ from The Little House Cookbook (written by Barbara M. Walker)


  1. I knew the charm in your drawings would work perfectly with the charm of the Little House books! - I like penny candies - but "horehound"???

  2. What a great choice of stories, Priscilla and a sweet illustration!

  3. thank you kelly and joy!!
    kelly, thanks for the suggestion. =0) I'm told horehound candies taste like a mix between root beer barrels and black licorice.
    joy ~ so sweet. i just treasured the Little House stories...! i wanted to live then and there.

  4. I love it!
    may I share it in the site ?
    Please,let me know if I may!
    I will be linking this post there too.