Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome, Autumn!

It finally feels like Fall in Texas, and in celebration I give you this excerpt from How the Leaves Came Down by Susan Coolidge: 

"So, for just one more merry day
To the great tree the leaflets clung,
Frolicked and danced, and had their way,
Upon the autumn breezes swung,
Whispering all their sports among,"

I hope to do much more with this poem, as I have all kinds of imagery floating around whenever I read it. ;)


  1. Look at your cute little leaflets with their little acorn caps! This is so sweet, Diandra!

  2. What a great idea. Poems are great for illustrating. One of my favorite books is "A Children's Calendar" and your post made me think of it again. I look forward to seeing your other imagery.

  3. Lots of fun and energy in this sketch, Diandra. Such cute little characters, too! Yes, I think you should definitely do a little series of these. Can't wait to see your other ideas!

  4. So cute and lively! Love those acorn hats.

  5. This was a cute idea- to make the leaves into little leafy people! - I never think like that.... very creative!!