Monday, September 27, 2010

Priscilla ~ Hello Autumn, And . . .

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day (Sept 26)  
and Apple Harvest season is upon us!  
Crispy green apples, refreshing apple juice, warm apple cider, applesauce, and of course, delicious homemade apple pie!  ~ a la mode, of course!  =0)
YUM! and Cheers!


  1. "Yea for Johnny Appleseed! "I can sing the song by heart "Oh the Lord is good to me and so i thank the Lord- for giving me the things I need the sun- the rain and the Appleseed- Oh the Lord is Good to me."... I luv those old Disney shorts! I'm pretty grateful to Johnny for my fave fruit and to you for the great sketch you post each week!

  2. thank you so much, Kelly! which is your favorite kind of apple? i'm loving the granny smith crunchy ones i bought earlier today. yum! =0)

  3. Your characters are always so delightful!

  4. I just bought some "honey crisp" which are quite tasty - I like them all. It's like wine (which I also like) - I like the tart- the sweet - the crunchy.... depends on my mood.

  5. Don't forget the Fuji!! Such a cute sketch Priscilla! Always so fun to see what characters you come up with each week.