Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Market Apples

I'm trying to live more green and eating local.  We need more farmers that aren't corporations and the best place to support them - your local farmer's market.

Check out Local Harvest to find a market near you!


  1. Great post Heather and I whole heartedly agree! The produce at the farmer's market is so much fresher and tastier, too! I really like your sketch. The composition is a wonderful angle and I like the way you depicted the characters as just regular people.

  2. I luv this guy's bald head- he has so much character. Apples in the Fall put every other fruit to shame in my opinion. We have no farmers markets in my area of L.I.- but up in MA I'm hoping to go in Sept and go farmers market crazy!

  3. Heather, great Fall feeling in this image! Thank you for this sweet reminder post. one favorite thing about fall IS the sweet aroma of fresh apples - and where better to find those? =0)