Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kelly - SWAB Faster Larry!!

Larry has a problem with authority.

The next sketch would be of Larry dueling with Captain Hairball -a la Erroll Flynn - with only the mop(swab) handle! Mutiny on the Meownty!


  1. What a great sketch! I love the jaunty angle of the ship deck and the crashing waves. Your characters have such great expressions! And punny, too! Terrific!

  2. For someone who wasn't feeling well and wasn't sure you would get a sketch done...SNAP!! This is so fun and I agree with all of Nina's points. Great composition and characters, just wonderful! Man, I gotta step it up for my sketch tomorrow...

  3. Hahaa! You are so great with cinematic drama, Kelly! Lots of great details and drama. :)