Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project: 2011
Can't get enough of sketchbooks? 
Fill them up in no time flat? 
Love a good theme to explore in sketch form?
 Like participating in national group art projects?
Yes to all - then check out the Sketchbook Project and Exhibit.


  1. I take forever to fill up a book because I sketch on random paper, but I'm hoping by doing this, I'll maintain a good working schedule and inspire myself by working outside the box. I hope you guys all do this! There's a huge convo on Twitter about it: SketchBook2011. ;)

  2. this is such a fab thing to do!I have a fear of commitment about it tho! Must commit to my own books first...

  3. Got mine in the mail this week. So excited and a little terrified. There are so many pages! It is such an awesome project. Thanks for getting the word out!

    Heather are you doing one?

  4. Mine is in the mail. Should be here today or tomorrow!! I'm doing Boys and Girls.

    Kelly - you don't have to turn it in if you really don't want to, but it's a great motivator for sketching everyday! :)