Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sketch to Finish - Heather

Isn't it fun to see the sketches come to life?  Above is the print - lino block and handcolored with oil pastels. 

Of course, the sketch is the liveliest version.

I've been working on adding another medium to my portfolio. I may redo this watercolor later. It was my first larger painting and getting a handle on large surfaces and adding interesting textures is something I'm in the process of discovering.


  1. It's so fun to see these different versions of your fox family. Very cute and I love the subtle differences you've done in color from your print to your watercolor. The ocean in the watercolor version is just lovely.

  2. Love it! Your lino version is lovely, but I can see some real potential w/ the wc version, too! Filling large areas w/ watercolor has always been a struggle for me. I tend to put too much texture and so it can look overworked. Hence the guoache and the nice, opaque color. ;)

  3. I too like the watercolor take as an off shoot from the print making. What it has- is a "fine-ness" A more refined look in the finish. Maybe the subject determines the finish- the more detail shown- the watercolor may lend itself better.

  4. What you said about the sketch being the 'liveliest' version caught my eye. I find I regularly lose something when I go from an original 'doodle' to the finished article. Is there any way to avoid this, do you think?