Friday, August 13, 2010

Joy of TV Sketching!!

So, you say you don't have a zoo near you? No pets you can draw? Oh, it's raining outside and you can't go sketch people at the mall, coffee shop, wherever? Well, here's a solution for you...

If you've got a TV set ( I think most of us do) and you have a DVD player, TiVo or even Netfix streaming you can sketch from a "model"! My husband and I like to watch shows with characters in great costuming or just interesting looking people. Twilight Zone episodes are the coolest! You can watch what ever interests you of course, but the costuming makes it even more fun. It's a good exercise for your eye in looking for great poses, too. When you see something you want to draw, you hit the pause button. Voi-la!

These sketches above were done in anything from blue pencil, regular graphite to black marker. The Twilight Zone episodes were fun to explore shapes because of their being shot in black & white. It's also fun to take real people and create characters or caricatures out of them.

If you want more action poses, try renting some of the Cirque du Soleil DVDs!


  1. Joy, great sketches! I see some Mad Men characters in there too :-)
    That aside, this idea is just brilliant. I'm going to go watch tv now and be a productive artist too!

  2. Joy! What a fantastic idea! I love it! Really fun sketches! I especially love the trio in the bottom right corner! They must have been fun to draw!!

  3. Great sketches and great idea!

  4. I posted from my car on my i hone and it didn't go thru! I love these! I see Mr Potter from It's a Wonderful Life and that dude from Four Weddings and a funeral... I do this too- just not as well as you do!

  5. Outstanding, Joy! Super great idea! You were watching Babe! That movie always makes me cry! :)