Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eye on the Prize: Mini Goals

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things (with unlimited stops and starts, of course.)I find it helps my focus if I have a set of small goals to concentrate on when I find a few minutes to work in my studio. No surfing the 'net for me. I get right to work on whatever goal I hope to accomplish that week.

This week I'm using the zero2illo's newest challenge to focus. There is no way on earth I'll be able to brainstorm, draft, paint and blog about a new piece of work a week, but that doesn't mean I can't create.  So I am picking up where I left off with the 12 week challenge and doing my version of the Musicians of Bremen.
And while I am very, very tempted to rush through the sketching process so I can hurry up and start painting some new pieces, I am forcing myself to slow down.  This week I am creating at least two pages of studies for each character before I even move on to creating the compositions of the spreads. I will probably work on one page a week, trying multiple points of views, compositions etc. before moving to the next one.Once those are completed, then it's off to paint!

I know this will be a lot of work, and it will take a long time to do. But this story is one of my favorites from childhood, and I want to do it (and the characters) justice.  If it takes me until the end of the year to finish the six pieces I have planned, then so be it.

What do you do to keep your focus and drive going?


  1. That's a great approach, Diandra! You do whatcha gotta do to keep things going! I love your characters studies and agree that is one of the most important elements to a story, character development.

  2. to keep my focus and drive going- I need to shut out the world every now and then. Next week I'll be going underground. Have to do it.