Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School - Heather

Wasn't the best part of school the art projects?  The holiday crafts, poster paint, pinch pots, presents for your mom (usually something with Popsicle sticks and your school photo) - ah good times.

Regular art classes in public schools are a rare luxury.  
Here is a website with some great advocacy resources for keeping art in the schools.

Invest in the future - volunteer at a local public school
You could do a drawing session, a bookmaking session, many schools have mentor reading programs or participate in a career day. 

Get Schooled with the School Visit Experts
If you are a published author or illustrator this blog has all the information you need on creating successful school visits as part of our career.


  1. Great post, Heather. Cute critters and crafts! And all I wrote about was huffing new school supplies-LOL! I think the loss of the arts in schools is one of the scariest things. I'm so grateful I'll be able to give my kids some kind of art education despite/in spite of what the school system may offer.

  2. I sometimes think my kid has an unfair advantage with all of the art she gets. The kids are starving for self expression. I know how I felt as a kid-shy everywhere but the art room. When I think about kids that would be like that and don't have it- it's heartbreaking. It's a missed opportunity to discover who you are and what you can do. On an up note; The drawings are great- how did you do these?

  3. Such a great post Heather! I love the links and informative aspect of it as well as your adorable sketches! I was wondering how you did these too? It looks like your print style!

  4. Thanks girls - the sketch is done in pencil and in photoshop. I was trying to work up something that looked more like my prints in the sketch stage.

    I think it's great that we can raise our kids with that art influence - they will be better peeps for it.

    I think in general the school system's greatest failing is creating test-takers instead of critical thinkers. Valuing arts is part of that critical thinking process.

  5. Love your characters, Heather! Sweet and so endearing!
    Love the memories of school art supplies and projects.

    Wonderful blog post. Thanks!!