Friday, July 23, 2010

A small ripple of Joy

Here is my latest donation to Kelly's wonderful ripple site! Just the finished bottom image of course was given as a 4" x 6" card :o). This was my first digital art donation for ripple. Previously I drew and painted directly on the 2.5" x 3.5" artist cards. So, I figured I'd show you the rough sketch I did in Photoshop on a layer underneath the final image. A lot of times I don't do a sketch first and just start putting down the composition that's in my head. This time I needed a sketch. I was taught to do many "thumbnail" sketches before finding that final image, but, yaaa... no. I'm usually too lazy for that and go with one of my first sketch ideas. Mind you, I do think about it quite a bit first before putting pencil to paper (or stylus to WACOM). Anywhoo, as you can see the sketch is close to the final but definitely has some tweaks here and there. There is a nice brush set you can import to Photoshop called Nagel Series 33. They're free online and really nice to sketch with in the program.

Thanks so much to Kelly for starting the ripple blog!! I know for me, it helped me feel like I could do more than just sit there feeling upset about the whole situation with the Gulf disaster. This was a little something I could do to help.



  1. It's an awesome sketch- I particularly like to see how you go from line to no lines. You have to use the color so carefully to keep the shapes defined and that's something you do brilliantly!!

  2. I love the spirit of this piece, I think it captures perfectly what Ripple is all about. And thank you for showing your sketch.

  3. Joy, this is so sweet and so 'heartfelt'! it makes me happy and sad at the same all of your work! biggest fan ever and love this new blog you all created. also love seeing how everyone 'works' thumbnails are so lazy they are usually stick figures...haha

  4. This post is great. Even though the sketch is digital it still looks very natural. The end result came out perfect.