Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The next worldwide Sketchcrawl Day is July 31st. 

What is Sketchcrawl?  Basically it's sketching the world around you for a day or a set time period and if you can do it with a group - all the better!  To read the details visit here.

Are there any in my area?  Check out the forums on the Sketckcrawl website to find out.

What if there aren't any Sketchcrawls in my area?  Well make one!  If you are a member of a group like the SCBWI put a call out to your local members or just gather some of your friends and family for a few hours of sketching.  Head to some place interesting like the zoo, a park or tourist attraction - Alamo anyone?  Most of all, have fun and enjoy seeing the world through your pencil.

They have several events throughout the year in case you miss this one and of course you can always DIY your own event. 


  1. I have always wanted to do this! We'll be in LA- we will be sketching as we take notes!

  2. Great post and it sounds like a fun event! I definitely like going out and sketching, especially at the zoo.

  3. We are planning some sketch crawl events for our San Antonio illustrators. It should be fun!