Friday, July 9, 2010

Sketch Dummy Beginnings: Breaking up the text

I'm working on a dummy book right now and the sketch above is the very, very first one. I decided to sketch digitally in Photoshop to do the layout. I work digitally, so figured it would be easier and save paper as well. I'll flatten the sketch and lower the layer's opacity and build the illustration on layers above it.

When I received the story I read it over a few times. My approach was to treat it as a standard 32 page picture book: page 1 Title page, page 2 ISBN/publisher information, page 3 dedication page and then 29 pages in the body of the book. So basically, I need to fit the story and illustrations in some wonderful, clever way within these 29 pages. I really like the story and had all kinds of images in my head when I read it, so I figured that's a good sign, right? I submitted my first version of the text breakdown expecting some feedback. I definitely got some, but was glad there was a pretty clear vision of what was wanted. I agreed with the revisions so am now working from the new breakdown. That's where we are to this point. I hope to eventually show you a finished piece when I have one!


  1. what are the odds- you get a book about dogs- and you get to draw weiner dogs??? It looks fab! Can't wait to see it come alive!

  2. I love it and now I want to see more!!!

  3. Oh, Joy! This is so cute! It has a great feeling of excitement and wonder! Has me wondering what will happen on the next page! Can't wait to see more, and glad you are having fun with it!