Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play your harmonica- it's time to celebrate Chanukah - - in July


This was a quick watercolor sketch I did last winter while sitting poolside at my daughter's swim team practice. It's 2 hours of hot steamy sitting under heat lamps. I started doing these 2.5 " by 3.5" paintings to pass the time. No real planning- very little pencil first- just jumping in and painting and at the end of the lesson it was a little gem. 

We are a blended family- my husband is Jewish -and I'm not. So- I am a very good shiksa and the Chanukah traditions are a big part of our holiday season. Spin the dreidel - have some chocolate gelt and get some groovy  little gift each night.  I collect a lot of Christmas chachtkes  - Chalkware Santas and bottle brush trees and I make wreaths out of old glass ornaments... every horizontal surface is festooned with Ho Ho Ho, but the simplicity of this holiday is where it's at.


  1. How cute are these guys?! I love that these are such a precious little size and your colors are so rich! What adorable characters. It sounds like so much fun at your house around the holidays!

  2. This is totally adorable and I love how luminous it is! It is very fun to hear about holiday traditions, too!