Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring! Spring! A Wonderful Thing!-Kelly

 I wish it were so! It snowed, it snained (snow and rain) and it hailed the last 24 hours here in Long Island. I wanted to call LLBean and order 3 dozed mini-parkas for my sprouting daffodils. Spring come soon! Please!?


  1. Love seeing the sketch to final illo. Great colors, posture and expression. I love how finished yet 'free' everything of yours looks. Not overly stiff and vectorized. I say again and again, it it were a card I would buy it. Huge fan!

    I hate to brag but it has been sunny and 85 in the Carolinas although the front that brought you snow carried to us thunder, tornados and rain.

  2. Thank you Jennifer!I've started to think of these as a collection. Maybe I will look into licensing. I do work digitally but i just hand draw, hand paint- I never could get into vectors and pulling points and tangents. I really should go back to traditional media more