Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guest Greg Matusic- Harvest

The fabulous Greg Matusic is pretty well known around the #kidlitart circles, but I thought I'd give him a chance to say hi to the rest of you folks. He's helping me out and sharing his interpretation of Harvest:

You can see more of Greg's fabulous work at his website and blog!


  1. I love your quirky characters, Greg! That nose is too much! Great lines and composition. Having him eye that other acorn has me wondering if he's going to go out on that tiny limb and try to snatch it. :)

  2. Adorable, fun & quirky too. Lovely work, Greg!

  3. Thanks, D and Melinda!

    After consulting Editors, an Art Director, and my peers at the SCBWI Falling Leaves Retreat I determined that out of my few digital illustration styles this one definitely works best for picture books.

    I scanned a quick pencil sketch and brought it into Illustrator where I used the pen tool and a mouse (seriously - I still use a mouse) to create the outline of each solid line which I then filled with black. I could probably shorten the amount of time spent using a tablet or even my mouse w/ the pencil tool, but I couldn't get the same shaky-ish thin/thick line you see above.

    He's definitely eyeballing that acorn. I wonder if he gets it... Sounds like another PiBoIdMo idea.

  4. Oh, there's always a bigger nut right within reach - that's so funny.

    Thanks for sharing your work here on the Sketchables Greg!