Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guest Post-Nina's Jack O' Lantern's

   "I'd imagine that a scary witch would prolly carve happy faces into her pumpkins. "

    (Thank you so much for helping out in a pinch, Nina! You're a real peach!)


  1. what a fun and cheery witch! and i'm loving the graph paper treatment, Nina!

  2. Thank you, Priscilla! It is Rhodia paper, I just love sketching on it- pencil erases beautifully! :) Your jack o' lanterns are too cute, I wonder if orthodontists look forward to Halloween and all those crooked teeth?

  3. Hi Nina!! Your sketches are always so sweet and fun! It's good to see you up on the sketchables again. Those are some very happy pumpkins and a not so scary witch ;o) She's ADORABLE!