Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diandra-Monster Mash

"They did the mash
They did the monster mash
The monster mash
It was a graveyard smash"

I've had the idea for this sketch for at least a year. Every time I tried getting it on paper, it fell flat. This time it finally came out! I am loving my monsters boogeying on down. I want to take this to final-quality so I have work to do, least of all to change the setting, but I look forward to spending more time with these monsters. ;)


  1. The guests included Wolfman, Dracula and his son!!!Such fun!! I love your color - I always recognize your palette!

  2. D! This is great!! Love the details like the see-thru ghost!! Keep it up girlie!

  3. The Creature from the Black Lagoon mugging by the punch bowl is my fave!

  4. Digging it! (get it? a graveyard...) Seriously, this is so much fun! colors, characters - and i am loving the table with goodies galore!

  5. Ohhh me loves!! I'm particularly fond of the ghost. He's to darn cute!