Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Diandra- Fall Means...

When I was thinking about this week's theme, I went on and on listing my favorite parts of my favorite season: Cinnamon, sweaters, baked goods, apples, more baked goods, crisp breezes. Then I had a truly "duh" moment. In Texas, Fall means FOOTBALL!

Football is one sport I do enjoy watching. Hockey is a blast, baseball is okay, basketball is a snooze, but football is wrapped up in so many of my memories of Fall in Texas, that I have a hard time separating the two. In fact, when my husband and I were dating, football games were a significant part of our courtship. (Touchdown= a kiss from your sweetheart) Nowadays we don't go to so many games, but my husband is already looking forward to the day when we can bring our kids are old enough to go see this in person.


  1. D- I LOVE this! Your character design here is slammin! I am not a fan of football... unless you draw it!

  2. So fun, Diandra!! I agree wholeheartedly with Kelly. I'd watch football with these guys :o)

  3. Diandra they're wonderful! I love how you've captured their excitment. They're fun and fantastic!

    a : )