Friday, March 4, 2011

Guest Michelle Henninger-Peanut Butter

(There is a new little bundle in The Sketchables' family! While Joy is on break for the next few months, we will be enjoying the contributions of guest artists every Friday.)

 Ode to Peanut Butter

I love you in sandwiches,
and chocolate too,
I love you in cookies,
This much is true.

When I eat you up
my troubles begin,
try as I might,
you always win.

There's no use fighting
My mouth is quite stuck
No peanut butter for me
Curse my bad luck.

(Thanks, Michelle! You can see more of Michelle's work here.)


  1. Dogs and peanut butter - a jar full of fun!

  2. Ha!! So cute and funny Michelle! :o)

  3. Cute!! I love it, Michelle!! The dog looks like a small version of Eric's dog, Charlie! Great job!

  4. teee hee! I love this Michelle! Oh, the exhaustion!