Friday, January 14, 2011

Balance in 2011

Here's a quick, poorly sketched "vision" for my main goal in 2011. My hands are so swollen now at this late time in my pregnancy, I can barely hold a pencil!!

So, hopefully you can see that I want to try and balance having a new baby boy with continuing my career! I'll be at home taking care of him and will need to still to bring in the bacon. I know it's been done by countless amazing people, so I know it's possible! I just need to figure out how. For sure I'll be relying on tips and advice from my wondrous Sketchables women!

Do any of you have any tips you can give me? I'd appreciate your words of wisdom :o)

What are some goals you have for this year? We'd love it if you'd share!



  1. Congratulations on the new little bundle about to arrive and good luck with the balancing act. Here are a few words of wisdom from a single mum:
    1. Patience! - with the process, with the new little man, with yourself.
    2. Throw all expectations out the window -
    3. Plan, but be flexible - there are somedays, early on, when your 100% will only be 50%.
    4. Prioritize - but count getting 1-3 things done a success.

    Remember that 'balance' is your GOAL and they are not arrived at easily and immediately. My little bundle is now 11 and I still struggle getting the weights and measures right but I feel the biggest rewards have come from that little girl.

    My goals: to learn my new Wacom tablet, complete 30-52 new illos this year, create my very first online portfolio, open an online shop, and by year-end start promoting myself as an illustrator...(I am a newbie)!

    Good luck and wishing you all the very best in 2011! I have no doubt you will succeed.

  2. Sweet and Wonderful, Joy! Love that precious little baby sketch!!

    Take good care of yourself - and I agree with Jennifer wholeheartedly;
    set goals, but definitely be flexible, don't expect too much of yourself while you are adjusting to your new little bundle of .... Joy!
    then, when inspiration sparkles, jot down an idea or two... keep your sketchbook handy...

  3. I'm so excited for you Joy! A new baby.. it's the best gift on earth.

    My two cents. It's very simple:

    ENJOY your time as a mom and your new baby.
    Sleep every time your baby sleeps. Believe me, this is very important.
    Rely on others for help. House stuff=not important.

    Later on when the baby is growing, you'll be slowly able to get in a "work" routine. Just don't rush this. When baby starts to takes his two long naps, you'll find you have a bit more time to work on short projects.
    The when baby is on pre-school will be a whole different thing. Then you have a good chunk of hours to yourself and will be able to get more work done.

    You career will always be with you Joy. It can wait a bit, no problem.
    Your baby will grow fast, so take your time to enjoy him to the fullest.:o)


  4. I echo everything everyone said!I'll add - learn early what it took me a long time to figure out. Take care of yourself - take time for yourself- so you can be your best for the baby and your family. Like they say on the airplane- put the oxygen mask on yourself first. If art production goes down - life,art, music,movie and book consumption can go up. Take it all in cause when you get to make art- it will come out in a whole new inspired way. We're all here, excited for you!

  5. Sweet, sweet baby Joy. I think for those of us with familiar, Balance is always a goal!

    Ditto on the advice! I had to remind myself when #2 came along, but just enjoy the ride for the first months. :) Enjoy the break and revel in everything baby. You'll be amazed by how inspired you are.

  6. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all of your wonderful words of wisdom. There definitely seems to be a common theme of "remember to take care of yourself" I can certainly see that being an issue and getting lost in all of the "baby-ness". I'm just so lucky to have such smart women to look to for advice. Thanks so much!

    I can't wait to meet this little guy and I know I'll just fall in love. After all we went threw to get him here, I'm just so excited to start the experience of motherhood :o)

    Love & hugs!!