Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 - The Pigs aren't waiting to fly and neither should you (Kelly)

Oh Yeah - it's about time. No more "feather in the wind". Go Big or go home. Walk out the plane - Jump. Spread those arms - feel like your flying - soaring even- then pull the cord. You've done the work - you know how, why, what... that ground is coming up fast - glide down. Enjoy the view. You've got shock absorbers, you've been workin on them.. even if you get a little bruised on impact-  
you've flown.

2011 is all about believing in myself. I showed my portfolio a week ago. Without planning it- I sat down, said hello- and said "I eat, drink, sleep and breathe cartoons" and to my delight the response was "Well, you're damn good at it." It was followed up with "You're not right for our publishing house"- but for the first time I said, thought and believed "That's ok."Still looking through my portfolio - the reviewer commenting on this and that, they added, "BUT, There is a place for you in children's books".

There's a place for me.
So- 2011, I'm gonna find it.


  1. Dang right there's a place for you! You work so hard, and have so much talent, girl. There are stories out there just waiting for your touch.

    I think this is the year. The year we push through and shine on. I can't wait to see what it brings each of us.

  2. This post made me cry. If anyone deserves "a place in children's books" it's YOU!!! It's going to be a GREAT year.

  3. There IS a place for you in children's books, kelly!
    Keep that in your view as you forge ahead into this new year of possibilities and promise!

    and thanks for sharing. I LOVE your comment "I eat, drink, sleep and breathe cartoons". WHOHOOO love it.

  4. That's pretty much the response I get every time I show my portfolio. Great work, but not for us.

    Love your piggies and their jumpsuits! Go get em tiger, I'm rooting for you!! (was that my dad talking?)

  5. You got mad skills, lady!! I don't worry about you at all. I know there is a ton of work just waiting out there for you. You need to just find the right area and publishers. Just keep doing what you're doing and get out there in front of peeps!

  6. You're right - there IS a place for you and this is going to be your year!!

  7. I feel like a huddle on a football field- HUT hut hike! Let's go Team! Eeeyahhhh!Thanks guys!