Friday, May 27, 2011

the "joy" of JAZZ

When I think of jazz, I think of this little guy, Owl Jolson! This cartoon was the best. All he wanted to do was sing jazz tunes instead of the classical stuff his dad wanted him to practice. It all turned out well in the end when his Dad saw his potential as a jazz singer! Here's a link to a blog that has screen shots, the video and words to the song

Do you remember this toon? What do you think of when you think about jazz?

Thanks for stopping by and remember, it's International Jazz Day on Saturday, so be sure to listen to some jazz!

- Joy


  1. I love this cartoon too! about the moon-a in a june-a in the spring-a!!!

  2. I remember this and loved it too! He's super cute, Joy. :D And now this song is stuck in my head (it could be worse-ha!)...I want-a sing-a...

  3. Oh ya this is classic warner brothers! your drawing captures his spirit perfectly. i want to watch this one now.

  4. The boy with the feathers is all about Jazz. I enjoyed the cartoon and the animation of the characters is very well done.