Friday, July 15, 2011

the "joy" of ice cream

Yes, I LOVE ice cream! The rich decadent stuff and anything chocolate. But, let's not forget those tasty ice cream treats, the fudgcicle, the ice cream sandwich and those super yummy chocolate covered cones with the chocolate in the bottom!

Hope your Summer has been full of all sorts of treats and fun!



  1. I hope you can color this one! It is so great. One of the questions i ask my daughter after camp each day is- What kind of ice cream did you have?- Yesterday was a push up pop.she likes the strawberry shortcake and the chocolate eclairs too. Good Humor inhabits a whole season of childhood!

  2. Oh yeah, this would make a great summer mailer! And I agree with Kelly. Those ice cream treats bring back childhood so quickly: orange push-up pops, banana-fudge rockets, etc.:) That doxie is eyeing that baby like he just knows that fudgesicle is headed for the ground!

  3. This is a fun one! It has me craving those Haagen-Daz chocolate covered ice cream bars! Should that dog be eating ice cream?