Thursday, June 9, 2011

BFF'S Forever

11 years old. 5th grade dance. Before boy crazy completely sets in and goofiness gets packed up with the barbie dolls. 11 is when you have a best friend. That girl is the person you just HAVE to talk to about every single thing that happens to you. I miss that time.

This is the scene in my house tomorrow. Dresses have been picked out and sleeping backs packed for the after party. Have to stay up all night giggling over the evening's events.

Well- Messy sketch, sorry so late today...


  1. Oh how cute…I can just hear the excitement and anticipation in their voices.

  2. They grow up so fast. Sigh. But that's good too, as Briar always says "Mom, if we didn't grow up, that would mean something was wrong with us and you wouldn't want that." No, no I wouldn't. :)

    You've done a great job capturing the fun of tween girls getting ready for a night of giggles!