Friday, December 3, 2010

The "Joy" of holiday decorating

It's another quick, simple sketch from me this week. I haven't even had a chance to start decorating for the holidays yet! It's just been a crazy year. The dog is usually the most excited one in the house when I bring out the bins full of ornaments and Holiday cheer. She sits and watches me decorate the tree and is so curious about what's going on.

How are the holidays at your house? Is there someone who is more exuberant than everyone else?

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. simple's good! Color it- and it's a great card design! The cat loves to play with the ornaments so only soft ones go on the bottom of the tree.

  2. I knew your doxie would make an appearance! <3 Our dogs usually lay RIGHT where I need to be to hang an ornament or pin a decoration. :P The 3 year old is in full on "helper" mode, so things are getting changed up on how they get done. :)