Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diandra-Trick or Treat!

One my fondest memories of Halloween growing up wasn't the costume, or the door to door extortion of treats.  It was when my brother and I got our haul back home and began the process of sorting and swapping our loot. 

I remember getting apples and homemade candies, but NEVER being allowed to eat them. The whole razorblades and poison urban legends, ya know?  Of the things we were were allowed to eat my favorites were the tart, chewy candies: Sweet Tarts, Lemon Heads, Jolly Ranchers.

If we did get Milky Ways, KitKats, Snickers and other chocolate bars (100 Grand in particular), it felt like we had hit the mother lode, because back then there were no bite-sized bars. You got the fistfuls of chocolate-all to yourself!

Of course, neither of us ate those disgusting Ike&Mikes, though. What were your favorite Halloween treats?


  1. you captured the fun and adventure of swapping Halloween treat treasures so well, Diandra! Brings back memories. My favorite Halloween treat - well number one is Candy Corn over all. Second to that would have to be anything chocolate-y, and of course Sweet Tarts! yum!

  2. We used pillow cases, none of this little plastic pumpkin thing. We would walk home like Santa with a pack on our backs filled with our pre-cursor to type 2 diabetes!-good times! Your sketch totally reminded me of those fun nights!

  3. Great illustration Diandra!
    Tart and sour are my favorites too, and of course all those chocolate bars! I love both Almond Joy and Mounds, because well, you know.
    I never liked the way those plastic pumpkins scraped my hands when you reached inside. I would have preferred a Kelly santa sack!

  4. Such a wonderful moment you captured here, Diandra. Tells a great story. Their expressions are perfect. I agree, the pillow case is the ultimate in candy collection.

  5. My faves- Reese's. Pumpkin shaped- a better PB/chocolate ratio

  6. Cute drawing!

    Ugh, I grew up in another country. No trick or treating for me :(