Monday, September 13, 2010

Priscilla ~ Initially Speaking

Having some fun with typography and what to sketch for each of my initials!
I had to stop myself from having too much fun, however, because of course now I am craving
Popcorn, hot - - and - Buttered !  =0)
Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Way to start the week with a bang, Priscilla! I'm sketching mine now. :) You're craving popcorn, but I'm craving pie after seeing your letters! LOL!

  2. Some people are natural typographers - and pie-ographers. So cute!!

  3. This is deliciously cute. Since I just ate my breakfast, I would like to cuddle one of those adorable little chicks :)

  4. Thanks, Diandra and Kelly Light! =0D 'pie-ographers'...LOL!

  5. Kelly Medina! I am cracking up all the way back to my drawing table!
    those chicks were supposed to be little (b)irdies. HILARIOUS...

    . . . they DO look like little chicks, though, don't they? LOL

  6. Very cute, Priscilla! So creative and yes, you are making me hungry. I think I need some popcorn now. Can't eat the pie for a while, unfortunately :o(