Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kelly - Today is brought to you by the letter "G"

I love a good ghost story. My head is full of them these days as I think of ones I may want to illustrate for a middle grade portfolio. The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde was one of my favorites. I love the mystery of an old house with hidden paneled walls and a deep well... that someone may have fallen in only to show up 100 years later as a tortured spirit...
.....oooooooooooooooooooooooo. Spooky.......

 I think I failed the assignment-didn't follow instructions... I didn't do my initials and my letter is just an altered font. -sigh - I am not a natural typographer. 80's bubble letters and cartoon block letters are about all I do. To save my grade I offer for extra credit- my scribbles.  Again- as this is a sketch blog - I will reveal all. I start everything I draw with scribbles... here they are... spelling mistakes and all....


  1. Nice poem! My fave is the scribbly goblin who looks like he is walking like Frankenstein! :)

  2. What a clever design! I really love how you incorporated them all into that letter- Bravo!

  3. You thought outside the box-it's all Good! ;) My favorite is the little ghoul swinging up top. And you even came up with a little rhyme!

    I think a MG portfolio would be fab-o, esp full of spooky images. I think there is a lot of room for interpretation in those novels-challenging and inspiring for sure.

  4. So fun, Kelly! I agree about the ghouly guy on the top of the G. He's the cutest! Great characters in your sketch as well. Scribbles, that's what we like to see here! Their the most fun :o)

  5. What fun! Very clever use of the letter G1 I think the girl in bed is spot on! Great job Kelly!