Thursday, August 19, 2010

A quick sketch this morning

I have wanted to participate in "Dueling Banjo Pigs" 
for awhile now!What has kept me too busy to do it? Hmmm- I don't know.... must be something
But a girl's gotta have some fun!!  So this morning I did this!!! Wait for it.........


Wow - sometimes- I amaze myself. :)

That chicken scratch is how I begin every drawing. Can you tell what it's going to be? A banjo playing pig - of course- but- it's a vaudevillian banjo playing pig- and three showgirls in the wings - just completely besotted with him.  Those  thingies in front are going to be old fashioned foot lights - and those wavy lines everywhere are the curtain.  Here's where I left off....

They're pretty cute- but not sure If they do the trick.  I may just change it completely and have all 3 girls playing banjos. More action needed. Alas- this is all the time I have today- as that other something is in need of attention now.


  1. kelly! thanks for sharing! i love seeing it blossom from wavy, curvy, creative lines to your 3 fun friends all ready to hit the stage! adorable and fun!

  2. Tell me than pig is going to have a straw hat or a bowtie! I really love your "period pieces" they are too fun. Maybe one of the girls should be holding an ostrich feather fan? That one caressing the curtain cracks me up!

  3. This is a riot, I can't wait to see more!

  4. These are such great characters! I would go with this direction of them swooning over the banjo player first. I just want to see it finished! You could always do the other version after as well. So fun and I agree with Diandra, you do such fun period pieces with costuming and staging!

  5. I'm so happy that there are others out there in drawing land who begin their process the same as I do. I love those very early sketches to help find the sense of movement to the drawing. And the little piggies are so adorable!! Can't wait to see the next stages!