Monday, July 5, 2010

Priscilla ~ Sketch to Finish Spread

Here is a sketch for one of the spreads in the picture book, "Daddy All Day Long", written by Francesca Rusackas.  Using a black prismacolor pencil (one of my most favorite tools!), my goal was to keep the line quality somewhat scratchy, by hand-sketching the image on paper, scanning it in, and then going right to finish in full color, digitally.  

The text for this spread is,''"Ooey-gooey chocolate caramel ice cream?  Well, I love you more than EIGHT cherries on top!" said Daddy.'  Not only was it fun to make sure there were exactly eight cherries clearly in view for the reader, but it was a delightful treat (pun intended) to do the research needed for this book!  This, of course, included hunting down some actual chocolate caramel ice cream to experience first-hand.  I mean, we illustrators need to know what we're creating, don't we?  
Works for me!  


  1. Very nice. I love seeing process posts. What size is the finished image, and what size was the sketch?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jim. I also really enjoy seeing the process of other artists and illustrators!

    The sketch and finished spreads above both measured
    20.5 inches x 8.5 inches.

  3. I'm all for ice cream research - that's important work! Thanks for sharing your sketch with us, I love seeing how it came to live in the final.

  4. Thank you, Heather!
    Glad you understand all about that important research!

    Another point I wanted to make was, being that this was a two-page spread, I made sure nothing important would get caught in the gutter area. The yummy bowl of ice cream with cherries on top was placed just to the right of the gutter for this book.

  5. I'd pig out on that bowl! - (insert groan) I luv the idea of the black colored pencil outline for texture!

  6. How fun, Priscilla!! I love seeing your process and the little, subtle changes from the sketch to the color. Can't wait to see the finished book!